Baseline Part 4

Part 4 finishes off the Baseline program with proper glute functioning. Beginning by taking your hinging into a bit more internal rotation, this combo teaches the glutes how to lengthen and contract through proper movement patterns with muscle chains. Then move on to our Squat and Kneeling Founder that lessen the amount of hamstring contraction so the glutes can participate more. Even though this part has a glute focus, you should not be clenching your glutes in any of our exercises. Who wouldn't want buns of steel that actually function properly too?

After you complete this program, move on to other titles in the platform. 

  • If you are looking to take your practice into basic strength training, you will find our Baseline Strength program in the Performance category along with some other sports-oriented programs. 
  • Just looking for more workouts to do to give you some variety? Check out our Workouts category
  • Our Past Programs category contains our older starting out programs, although they have the same goal as the Baseline program of teaching the beginner, they contain a lot of great routines to splice into your daily practice. 

We recommend trying to get at least 20 minutes of Foundation Training every day to get the full benefits of the work and taking these movements into how you move throughout your day is how you maintain a healthy life long functioning body.

Total Running Time: 2 week part