Core Elements PART 1: Decompression & Hinging

*** The first 3 "titles" in the program are PDF files to download, the first video in the playlist is titled "Decompression and Hinging Intro" ***

Our previous starting program prior to the release of Baseline, this 3 part program will teach you the tools you need to properly use all of our other programs and will have you in the best versions of our exercises for when you explore our older releases.

Part 1: Decompression & Hinging focuses on the basis of FT principles, teaching you to lengthen and stabilize your upper torso while moving powerfully from the hips.

Program Guide: Read this to understand how to go through the Core Elements program.

Foundation Training Weekly Log: Use this fantastic tool to set up your schedule, track your progress, and see how far you’ve come.

BONUS: How To Get Out Of Pain While Brushing Your Teeth cheat sheet. This valuable bonus helps you integrate Foundation Training into your daily routines and everyday activities so you can continue to build a strong, healthy body while simply living life.

Total Running Time: 1h 38m 52s