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"Practicing Foundation Training for the past 7 years has been one of the most critical decisions of my surfing career. I had recurring lower back problems when I was a bit younger, but since starting Foundation Training I have felt constant improvement with little to no pain whatsoever..."
Lakey Peterson
Women's Surfing Champion
“Like so many people who have found relief with Foundation Training, I am grateful for the healing.”
Chris Hemsworth
"Pain takes away your freedom to do the things you love. At age 59 Foundation Training has given me the ability to be as active as I want to be. Foundation Training has given me freedom from pain."
Cheryl Whitmer
Grandmother of six

The mission of Foundation Training is to help you manage pain, optimize performance, and improve your quality of life. We do this by teaching our original series of body-weight exercises, built upon two important principles - decompression breathing and pelvic anchoring.

If you put the work in, Foundation Training will work for you.

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