Frequently Asked Questions

You can change or cancel your subscription from the streaming website by going to your Account, then to Subscription, and then click Change next to your current subscription. You can select a different subscription or Cancel it from here.

If you are seeing Subscribe buttons and you have an active subscription, then you are not currently logged in. You can verify this by opening the menu and you will see either a Sign In or Sign Out option.

You can change your email or password by going to your Account and clicking on Settings.

You can change your Credit Card info by going to your Account, clicking on Settings, and then clicking on Billing Settings at the top of that screen.

If you are experiencing an issue while trying to update your credit card and it is not saving, please try doing it again from a different browser or device. If you still can't get it to work, please contact us.

We will be adding new videos at least once a month.

You can contact us HERE and we will respond promptly.